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Great for keeping gear secure but ready for use quickly.

Boat Mate Gear Organizer

SKU: 364215375135191

The Boat Mate organizer keeps all your boating lines, electrical cords, life preservers, etc. off the deck and ready to use in a snap. Keep your electrical cords and lines out of the water and off the dock! The Gear Mate is handy for the House, Trucks / Vans and Pool areas too for keeping hoses, lines, cords, and vacuum lines neatly stored off the ground. This Boat Mate organizer is very strong and designed for harsh outdoor environments. They are Chemical, water, and UV resistant. The organizer can be secured around rails or cleats on boats or hung on just about anything with a 2" diameter wrap. The organizer can hold up to 150 lbs and securely hold items with up to 6" in diameter and adjusts to hold your gear snug. Literally hundreds of uses for these straps. You may also connect 2 straps together to make a longer strap. You will get 2 (1 Pair) of Boat Mates with this purchase. All made in USA.


    The Boat Mate Gear Organizer has hundreds of uses around the Boat , Home and Auto. These are very strong straps useful for bundling gear for quick retrieval.


    Return policy is 15 days from receiving in new and unused condition. 

    5 year repair or replacement if damaged.


    Typically ship everyday or next day after purchase confirmation. 

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